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Mentorship is essential to any successful path we take in life. A mentor serves as guide for the student in consultation, accountability, listening, and teaching. Mentorship is universal to every world tradition.

My role as a mentor is to be there for you in practice as well as life. Particularly oriented for the individual on a contemplative or meditative path, we engage in all aspects of your practice, including study, retreat, and daily practice. We consider how practice affects life and vice versa. This includes relationships, livelihood, family, education, career, and more.

Mentorship is not life coaching, nor is it psychotherapy. Mentorship begins with the premise that we are all whole, complete, and worthy just as we are. From this ground we can travel the terrain of past and future, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and trepidations. We are training for you to be your own guide in every aspect of life.

In Buddhism the mentor is known as kalyanamitra, a spiritual friend. In this way we – as mentor and student – walk the journey together. Meditation can often seem like a solitary endeavor and you may have questions, feel lost, or wonder whether you are progressing. For all these reasons and more, sharing the practice with a spiritual friend is extremely valuable.

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